Heidi Meeley beforeAfter years of working out and yo-yo dieting, my job changed and I started traveling full time. I ballooned up to 238 pounds and went into full denial about my life. In July 2012, I tried to walk a quarter mile and it was so hard I ended up crying and feeling devastated. I knew I needed a change.


I re-joined the Yakima Athletic Club on November 1, 2012. It was hard to walk through the doors because I was so embarrassed about my appearance. I did cardio six days a week, starting at 15 minutes at a time and working my way up to a half hour. I also added weight lifting as time went on. A turning point was when I entered the Get in Shape Contest. The physical requirements for the contest included running. I was able to run a full mile for the first time in my adult life by the time the contest concluded and felt a renewed sense of purpose, along with a significant weight loss.


In May 2013, I started taking boot camp classes and solidified a weight lifting regimen. The shift from focusing on weight loss to concentrating on functional fitness was the edge I needed to make the changes I really desired. I can see muscles now, and I feel great. I ran a 5K race and placed in my age class. I ran the Pirates Plunder race with fellow YAC members and it was an amazing feeling.


My journey continues today with new fat loss and conditioning goals. I have had so much support from the trainers and employees at the club that they have become like family to me. I have made friends with members and look forward to seeing them at classes and boot camps. It is a wonderful feeling to walk through the front doors now!