The Surge

The Surge
The SURGE 2017

Break the Plateau – Summer Shape Up

6 Week Training Program:

  • Coming June 2017
  • Entry Fee $99
  • Applications available NOW, must be received by June 7th 2017


  • Individuals will be placed on a trainer led Team of 6-10 people.
  • Teams will meet once weekly during the 6 weeks for workouts based on their competition goals.
  • Participants will also have access to a MixFit Workout with ALL other SURGE Teams together on Tuesday’s at 6:30pm at the Yakima Athletic Club in the Group Training Room.
  • Designed to complement our Upper Layer training membership and work hand and hand with Special Forces and BootCamp.  You will be encouraged to attend both programs for maximum results.
  • Nutrition and Supplementation Seminar on Wednesday June 14th at 6pm in the Yakima Athletic Club Conference Room


  • 2 times per week trainer designed workouts
  • Weekly Prizes for Teams
  • 10% off dotFit Products purchased throughout the challenge.
  • $10 off of Summer Games Entry Fee
  • Beginning and ending measurements and body composition testing.
  • After Party Recognition Ceremony

One Female Winner & One Male Winner will receive:

  • A prize package of $200
  • one FREE month of upper layer membership – or 2 one-on-one training sessions*
  • FREE entry into the summer games.

*free month of upper layer if the winner is not already signed up for this type of membership.