All of the below Group Fitness Classes are free with your regular membership. The most fun and energetic Classes in Yakima, with a full schedule or morning classes, afternoon classes, and evening classes. Just show up a few minutes before the class starts and the instructors will greet you and let you know what you need to set up to get started! Read the descriptions below and come try a new class. We KNOW you'll love them!

BODYBALANCE™ is a new generation yoga workout that will improve your mind, your body and your life. Set to the perfect soundtrack, you can expect to bend and stretch through a series of simple yoga moves, with elements of Tai Chi and Pilates. Whether you are experienced with yoga, just starting out, or looking for something to complement your other workouts, it will leave you feeling rejuvenated, calm, centered and focused.

BODYCOMBAT™ is a high-energy martial arts-inspired workout. You’ll learn how to punch, kick and strike your way to superior fitness and strength.

LES MILLS GRIT is the next generation of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Combining hard-hitting soundtracks and the latest scientifically-tested moves that will push your body and mind to their absolute limits. Develop anaerobic stamina, increase cardiovascular fitness and build strength. GRIT Strength uses barbells, plates, and bodyweight exercises to make you strong and unbelievably fit.

BODYPUMP™ is a scientifically-backed barbell workout using light to moderate weights and high reps to build strength and help you get fit – fast!You’ll work all your major muscles as you increase aerobic fitness and build strength. The encouragement, motivation, and great music you get in a BODYPUMP class will leave you feeling energized, confident and powerful, while getting you fitter, faster.

LES MILLS SPRINT™ is a 30-minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout, using an Indoor bike to achieve fast results. It’s a short, intense style of training where the thrill and motivation comes from pushing your physical and mental limits. You combine bursts of intensity, where you work as hard as possible, with periods of rest that prepare you for the next effort. The payoff? You smash your fitness goals, fast.

LES MILLS RPM™ is a cardio peak cycle workout using a simulated journey of hill climbs, sprints and flat riding to improve aerobic fitness levels and muscle endurance. You ride with the pack to find your rhythm in the music and hit an amazing endorphin high. You control your own resistance levels and speed to build your fitness level over time.

LES MILLS CORE™ is an intense core workout for functional fitness. It’s scientifically designed to build strength, stability, and endurance in the muscles that support your core,
including the abs, glutes, and back.

Zumba classes combine latin and international music and dance to create a dynamic and FUN calorie-burning form of workout for people of all fitness levels and age groups.