The Yakima Athletic Club provides year-round swimming lessons for children of all ages. Parent/Child, Red Cross Levels & Competitive Stroke. Learn to swim from experienced and trained swim lesson instructors near you in the Yakima Valley. Yakima Athletic Club Members receive a discount on swim lesson rates. We offer Group Swim Lessons, Private Swim Lessons, and Semi-Private Swim Lessons.

Swim lessons are open to Members of the Yakima Athletic Club and non-members. Winter Session 2 Date: February 20th - March 14th. Registration opens: on January 30th, 2024

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All of the Yakima Athletic Club’s private swim lesson instructors are Red Cross Water Safety Instructor-certified, progressive and responsible instructors. Private lessons allow the instructor to work on specific skills, catering to the individual. For more information on these programs or to schedule private lessons, contact Brianna Muoth, at 509-453-6521 ext 167

Single Private Lesson All ages
Members Only: $50 / 30 minutes

Youth Private Lessons Package (six 30-minute lessons) Ages 2-17 years old
Non-Members: $270 plus tax Members: $216 plus tax

Adult Private Lessons Package (three 60-minute lessons) Ages 18+
Non-Members: $225 plus tax Members: $180 plus tax

Semi-Private Lessons Package 2 People (six 30-minute lessons) All ages
Non-Members: $330 plus tax Members: $264 plus tax


PRICING: Levels 1-5 $82 plus tax, Pre 1-3 $86 plus tax for nonmembers, Competitive Stroke $115 plus tax.




Parent & Tot – Between the ages of 6 mo- 3yrs, our Parent & Me class aims to prepare your child for future swim lessons by introducing on controlled breathing, floating, and movement in the water. To keep the class exciting as well as soothing, we add games and songs. Approximately 30 min

Starfish – Known for their inability to really swim in the water. This class introduces breath control, treading water, floats, glides, arm and leg movements, and breath control for ages 3-5.

Jellyfish – The Jellyfish is more comfortable in the water, familiar with treading water, and can float, glide, and freely submerge underwater. Must be able to swim/float 2 body lengths to join the class. This class now focuses on the front crawl and back crawl, while improving breath control. Ages 3-5

Seahorse – The Sea Horse can swim up to 6 body lengths, tread water for 15 seconds, and can roll from a front float to a back float. This class introduces rotary breathing, new floats, while improving stamina and breath control. Ages 3-5

Crab (level 1) – The Crab is for children 6 and up who have very little to no experience in the water. This class will start with an introduction to water exploration, breath control, glides, body movement, and floats.

Frog (level 2) – The Frog is for children 6 and up, who can go underwater, glide and roll into a float, and swim 2 body lengths. This class builds on new floats and tricks in the water, by adding more stamina and better body movement for front crawl and back crawl, and also introduces rotary breathing.

Sea Turtle (level 3) – The Sea Turtle is for children 6 and up, who can swim 5 yards front crawl while being able to roll into a float for 15 sec and front crawl another 5 yards. They are familiar with front crawl and back crawl, can tread water for 15 seconds, and open their eyes underwater. This class teaches three new kicks and a new stroke while adding stamina and working on rotary breathing.

Otter (level 4) – The Otter is for children 6 and up, who can swim longer distances; 25 yards front crawl and elementary backstroke, and tread water for a minute. They must be able to perform the scissor, whip, and dolphin kick, as well as elementary backstroke. This class with further build up skills by expanding breath control, adding in open turns and three new strokes.

Manta Rays (level 5) – The Manta Rays are for children 6 and up who can perform all six strokes. 50 yards front crawl and elementary backstroke. 15 yards butterfly, breaststroke, back crawl, and sidestroke. Can tread water for 2 minutes. This class further builds on stamina, and teaches surface dives and flip turns.


Competitive Swim – Competitive Swim is for individuals who can swim 100 yards front crawl as well as elementary backstroke, and swim 25 yards of the four other strokes. This class focuses on perfecting each stroke while adding stamina and efficiency. Ideally for people on the swim team or who are interested in joining a swim team. Even for someone looking for a good workout, this class turns swimming into a sport. Ages 6+

For more information and for prices contact Brianna Muoth 453-6521 ext. 167.