Personal Training

You deserve to feel great about your workouts and your body

Let us help you find the fuel to feed that fire within you.

Whether you are new to exercise, an avid exerciser or simply want to learn how to make the most out of your workouts, the training staff at the Yakima Athletic Club and YAC Fitness can help! Training with one of our Certified Personal Trainers is the way to go.  Our trainers will guide you through a fitness program tailor made for you. They will help you gain the confidence to challenge yourself to help you achieve results otherwise unattainable on your own.

Who will do all this for you?

  • Inspire You to Reach Your Goals
  • Motivate and Educate You
  • Make You Fitter and Stronger
  • Lower Stress Levels and Save You Time
  • Boost Your Energy Levels
  • Increase Your Flexibility
  • Ensure You Exercise Safely
  • Help You Look Better
  • Guide You to Be a Better Athlete
  • Reduce Your Risk of Injury
  • Build Your Confidence
  • Teach You Good Nutrition
  • Show You Results

One on One Personal Training and Semi-Private Personal Training

All of our Personal Trainers are Nationally Certified, our Elite Personal Trainers have Multiple Certifications such as Performance Enhancement and Corrective Exercises Specialist Certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine along with more experience in the Industry as Personal Trainers.  Great Package Deals or discounted monthly EFT options are available for multiple sessions with the ability to incorporate our dotFIT program to help manage your fitness goals.

New Member Complimentary Consultation

Each new member to the Yakima Athletic Club or YAC Fitness receives a complimentary Personal Training consultation with our Certified Personal Training staff. Our goal is to help each new member develop a lifelong healthy lifestyle by sharing current information about fitness that is understandable and useful. Our Certified Personal Training staff will work with new members to direct them to the proper exercise program that is safe, goal-oriented, efficient, and enjoyable.  We will take you through a series of movements that will direct us to giving you the appropriate feedback on where you should start.

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New Member Complimentary Assessment