Pickleball is America’s fastest-growing sport for the THIRD year in a row.  The 2023 Sports and Fitness Industry Association Topline participation report reports that the pickleball craze is alive, well, and growing! Pickleball might be the most fun, easy-to-learn, fast-paced sport and you can get as competitive as you wish. Pickleball is a wonderfully accessible sport for everyone. Pickleball is a game for all ages and skill levels.  Choose from open play, tournaments, lessons or clinics!

The Yakima Athletic club offers year-round pickleball on 5 outdoor courts, 1 indoor court, and a Dinking practice court.

Whether you come for fun or come for the competition, we are here to serve up the best in pickleball in Yakima, WA. Make your individual court reservations, or plan to play in one of our organized events. Take private lessons from our PPR Certified Professional or attend one of our clinics. Come in and experience why we LOVE pickleball so much.

Paddles and balls are available for rent or purchase at the welcome desk.


Available to all Yakima Athletic Club members. Auto billed annually. Must have banking on file.

Month to Month Membership for pickleball-only usage at the Yakima Athletic Club. Freeze or cancel your membership anytime with a 30-day notice.

- 150+ Hours of FREE Open Play per month
- Free Advanced Booking for Court Reservation
- $6 Round Robins, Ladder Discounts (60%)
- 10% on all clinics, lessons, leagues and pro-shop
- 3 Social events per year.
- 1 Indoor court and 5 outdoor courts.

Playing Opportunities

Here are your playing options for regular Yakima Athletic Club members and Non-Members:

Open Play:
$15 per person. This is first-come-first-serve doubles play. Reservation is recommended. Also offered are Structured Open play formats in Ladder and Round-Robins.

Drop in Play:
$15 per person. This is first come-first serve and recommended for doubles play. Reservation is recommended. Players are asked to participate at the drop-in time that corresponds with their rating/self-rating. For more information about rating/self-rating CLICK HERE

Court Reservation:
$20-25 per court per hour. Reservation is required to play. Reserve via the Yakima Athletic Club APP or call the Welcome Desk. Payment will be required at the time of reservation. Walk-on reservations will be accepted. Limited to one court reservation per group per day if demand is high.

Indoor court - First reserved court members will be responsible for setting up the net. All members will need to know how to set the net up and take it down.

Noon – 5pm and walk-on availability $20 per court per hour.

Any time | $25 per court per hour
Weekend reservation is limited to 75 minutes up to 6 players to reserve.


Want More?

The Yakima Athletic Club & YAC Picklers are constantly working hard to develop ongoing programs and opportunities to grow your game.  Here are a few options for those players that are looking for a little something MORE! Pickler Club Members receive a 25% off of the prices listed below.

Pickleball Lessons (60 Min.):
 $75 per session

Semi-Private Lessons: $125 per session

Pre-registration required:  Limit of participants (anywhere from 2 – 3 hrs)
$55 per person

Drills & Skills Sessions: $15 per person

Organized Open Play:
Consists of Round Robin and Ladder Play.
$15 per person



  • Use the YAC App to reserve your court time or call the Welcome Desk.
  • Weekend Reservation is limited to 75 minutes and will require 4 Players' names to reserve.
  • Limited to one court reservation per group per day.
  • First reserved court members will be responsible for setting up the net. All members
    will need to know how to set the net up in the instance they arrive first to play. There is a
    QR Code with video instructions located where the net is stored.


  • Non-marking shoes are required. (A racquetball, volleyball, squash shoe is highly recommended)
  • Must play with an Indoor Ball- Club ball is FranklinXPI-006 - Hot Pink
  • No wooden paddles. Paddles are available for rent at the welcome desk.


  • Balls that hit the stage, storage or ceiling are considered ‘Dead’
  • Games will be played to 11 points to win, must win by 2 points.