Member Entry:

Basic Entry - $115
Contest Entry & T-Shirt
3 InBody Scan Measurements & Check-ins
FREE DotFIt Multi Vitamin

Training Entry - $189
Basic Entry + 10 Weeks of Small & Large Group Training ($223 value!)

Add Nutrition/Meal Planning: Adds initial consultation with registered Dietitian and even day meal plan onto either entry - $90

Non-Member Entry:

All-inclusive - $250
Training Entry + 10 Week Membership to the Yakima Athletic Club ($185 value!)



  • Registration opens: December 15th, 2023
  • Contest begins: January 15th or as soon as you've weighed and measured in!
  • Measurements & Pictures: January 10th, 11th & 2th. The ABSOLUTE FINAL LAST DAY TO REGISTER & MEASURE is 14th.
  • Final Measurements/Weigh-ins and Fitness Testing: March 18,19,20th 2024
  • Awards Ceremony: March 28, 2024 7PM at Yakima Athletic Club


  • 18 yrs - 39 yrs - 1 Male & 1 Female Winner (Cash prized based on minimum participation & Prize Package)
  • 40 yrs + - 1 Male & 1 Female Winner (Cash prized based on minimum participation & Prize Package)
  • OVERALL GRAND PRIZE WINNER $1,000 Cash - awarded to the category winner above with the highest body fat percentage loss. The first runner-up from that category then will become the new category winner.
  • Top Finishing Male & Female Performance Winner - Prize Package awarded to the participants who had the most improved fitness testing scores.
  • Participation Prize Raffle - Every participant will be eligible to win prizes. When completing GIS challenges and events you will be given participation tickets these tickets can be put into the prize raffles at the Awards Ceremony for a chance to win. The more tickets you receive and enter, the greater the chance will be to win a prize, one per participant. Not eligible for anyone who won a category prize package.

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