Cliff Bishop Aqua Testimonial

Member since 2009

How has water fitness been a benefit to your fitness goals? Lifestyle? Family? Habits?

Water fitness has been a sustainable exercise method that has allowed me to consistently combine resistance (strength) training, cardiovascular exercise, and flexibility. It has allowed me to transition from the weight room where I have done the majority of my exercising since the early 90s. The wear and tear of weightlifting has led to an increasing number of persistent and nagging joint issues and two injuries that I am continually rehabbing from.

Swimming is now my sole method of exercise in 2022. It has led to being almost pain-free and having a significant improvement in my movement range. This, combined with a meaningful loss of weight from time in the pool, has improved my mood and emotional well-being. My personal physician has been shocked by the improvements these changes have made to my health, particularly my ability to regulate blood sugar.

These improvements have also improved my family life and habits. It has allowed me to be more active and participate in the activities my children enjoy, such as Jiu-Jitsu and gymnastics.

Swimming has also led to an interest in the water from my youngest daughter who started lessons at the YAC this summer. I have had the privilege of being in the pool with her during these lessons. Looking better and feeling better (primarily the latter) has led to an active summer in 2022 – one of the best that I can remember in my life.

How many days per week are you in the water and what specifically are you doing in the water?

When I committed to first water walking, and then swimming, I found that the quick recovery from the lower resistance on my muscles and virtually no joint impact allowed me to be in the water every day. Between mid-February and Memorial Day the only day I missed was May 1st when I did a 12k in Spokane. Since switching to traditional freestyle swimming in June, I have consistently been in the pool 4-6 times per week. I swim 36 laps during my lunch on week days and 50 laps when I can make it on Saturdays and Sundays.

What else can you share about how water has created a transformation in fitness for you?

The water has transformed fitness for me by allowing a sustainable option to exercise pain-free and for long enough sessions to replace strength training as my primary exercise method. The longer, more productive exercised sessions combined with adjusting my diet have led to me losing 50 lbs in the first half of 2022. I am even happier to report that I have kept off 45 of those pounds for the second half of the year. The key to this for me is the sustainability of this workout plan. I love being in the water! It is a time of the day that I look forward to. The feeling of peace that I get by being removed from the stress and cares of daily life and just focusing on the next lap causes me to hope and believe I have found a way to be active and healthy by doing an activity that I genuinely enjoy for a long time to come.

P.S. Thank you Kristen for noticing how positive of an impact the pool has had on my life!


Cliff Bishop