Here are a Few Tips to Help with Recovery…

Read from trainer Megan Powell about her tips for an optimal recovery!


Do you make it a priority to recover properly from your workout? Without proper rest and recovery it can lead to injury, illness and/or keep you from reaching your fitness goals. Here are a few tips to help with recovery…

Sleep is crucial to recovery. During the deep REM cycles of sleep, the endocrine system produces most of the hormones for tissue repair [1].

Nutrition timing may be something you are missing. Pre-workout nutrition: If you have not had a meal 3-4 hours prior to exercise, then a small snack of carbohydrates (low glycemic) and some protein are important 1 hour prior to the workout to fuel the body. Examples include oatmeal, fruit, nuts, replacement smoothie or energy bars[2]. Post-workout: Carbohydrates and Protein help with recovery. Protein helps repair damaged muscle fibers (It’s a great time to drink that DotFIT protein you have in your gym bag). 1-3 hours post-workout is the best time to fuel your body with your next meal2.

Hydration is extremely important. A dehydrated state can negatively impact training and recovery[3].

Active recovery can assist in flushing out metabolic byproduct. To help speed up recovery, make time for an immediate post-workout recovery or a movement session between workouts. Some active recovery techniques include foam rolling, stretching and low intensity total body exercise[4]. The pool is also a great tool on your “off” days[5].

In conclusion, get a good night’s rest, eat healthy and fuel your workouts based on your calorie intake. Keep your body hydrated and do your active recovery immediately after or in between sessions. This is a general guide. Talk to your trainer about more individual guidelines per your goals.


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Megan Powell, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Washington State University

B.A. Sport Management

Minor in Business Administration