Common Misconceptions on Weightlifting

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We are well into the New Year and are hoping that all gym goers are still working on their health and fitness goals for 2020. For all fitness goers alike, there are common misconceptions that may steer you the wrong way and therefore not elicit the goals that you are intending to conquer. YAC Fit […]

Here’s How To Download & Setup Your YAC App

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Regardless of your Smart Phone type, you are able to download the YAC App for free! Having the App allows you access to a plethora of useful information such as: Class schedules Your personal account information Members only competitions Other connected fitness apps (like your Myzone!) How to schedule an assessment with a trainer Your […]

Get Ready For The Best Sleep Of Your Life

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Nine months ago my Husband and I decided that we needed to overhaul our approach and attitude toward sleep.  Incorporating these suggestions into our routine has changed our lives. Get ready for the best sleep of your life. Refreshed, rejuvenated, and well rested. These are the symptoms of an exceptional nights’ sleep. Achieving Adequate Sleep […]

YAC Fitness Member of the Month: Alexandra Marshall

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Each month we like to put one member in the limelight so that more people can grow familiar with the spectacular individuals that make up our communities at both the Yakima Athletic Club and YAC Fitness. Some have gone through tremendous transformations, some are in the middle of their transformations, and some are simply hard […]