Forget the Scale

What the scale tells you? How much you weigh.

What the scale doesn’t tell you? How much muscle you have. How fast you are. How happy you are. How confident you are.

The scale is one tool you can use, but somehow has become the focal point of people’s fitness journey. One of the first questions people get are “how much do you weigh?” Or the first thing people usually mention is how much they weigh.

Being a personal trainer, I can tell you that almost everyone’s goal at the initial start is how much they want to weigh and that is all they can think of. Not one performance goal or how they would like to feel.

I was the very same way. I started my fitness journey to lose the weight. But along the way of my fitness journey, the most improvements I have seen was when my mindset switched to performance goals. I wanted however many pull ups, I wanted to squat this much, I wanted to deadlift this much and so on and so on.

So my tip is to switch your main focus from your aesthetic goals into performance goals, unless you’re wanting to be a bodybuilder. Focus on being stronger! Focus on getting that distance time faster or further! Focus on jumping higher than you ever have! Once you do that the faster you’ll actually end up losing weight, build more muscle, be stronger and love your body.

A lot of people know bodybuilders are very aesthetic. You know who else is aesthetic? Crossfitters. Weightlifters. Powerlifters. All of their primary focus is on performance.

Aesthetic goals are usually how you want others to see you opposed to performance goals where you usually do it for yourself to see what your body is capable of doing.

I am not saying aesthetic goals are bad or even take them out completely, I am just saying switch your mindset from that being your primary goal. Don’t be a prisoner to the scale because it is only one tool to use for your fitness journey. All it’ll tell you is how much you weigh.

Accomplishing a performance goal will instill confidence and keep you motivated to keep on going! Give it a try!


Lawrence Fiander, YAC/YAC Fitness CPT