YAC Member of the Month: Roy Lewis

Roy Eugene Lewis, Jr. (aka Roy-Boy, R.B., or Royberg) has been a member of the Yakima Athletic Club for nearly 4 years and has spent each one of them training with the club’s Fitness Director and Elite Personal Trainer, Jamin Frank.

Roy was born in Frankfurt, Germany and became well acquainted with other areas of the world as well, living in Sen Pedro, CA; Wahiawa, Oahu; Evansville, IN; and finally residing in Washington State at the age of 20. He graduated with a BSCE degree from the University of Washington and has lived a career as a Civil Engineer.

Roy’s primary purpose of coming every Tuesday and Thursday is to work with Jamin. Their typical 2:00pm time allows Roy’s lunch to be “almost” digested and the hour has a relatively lighter crowd so that him and Jamin can get down to work. Between his rewarding engineering career, life, and other indoor/outdoor escapes, he stays quite busy. When it comes to his actual training, he notes, “The routine in engrained. The benefits are evident. The training is diverse, ever-changing, and incredibly appreciated.”

Without a doubt, the 4 years of training have elicited some major improvements in Roy’s health and wellness. This is what Roy had to say about what the biggest benefits of exercise are for him: “The are many benefits of exercising. Maintaining the ability to live and play with Gusto; going beyond what others can experience, and investing in the longevity of life.”

We certainly appreciate and admire Roy’s accountability to get himself into the gym in order to live the life that he envisions! He is a great example of dedication to the health that it requires to live such a life. As usual, we asked Roy to offer some advice to someone who recently joined YAC or who is struggling with their health and fitness, here is what he said:

“Invest in a trainer/coach. Then, workout wisely, safely and efficiently. This will maintain or (likely) increase your strength and endurance. You’ll love it!”


If you are interested in working with a trainer, schedule an assessment today by calling the Yakima Athletic Club at (509)-453-6521 or email jamin@yakimaathletic.com