Take Charge of your Health

There is no reason to not put your personal health at the top of your “to do” lists.  For our own personal reasons (and I make no judgments), we choose to skip breakfast, work too many hours which takes us away from our families, drink too much on the weekends and end up sacrificing our health for a lifestyle we couldn’t enjoy if we lost our health.  People give me their reasons for quitting the club and ask me my recommendation on a purchase of a treadmill because they either 1)live too far away (really…in Yakima nothing takes more than 15 minutes to get to) and 2)they don’t have time to get to the gym.  What makes you think you are going to exercise at home?  It takes a highly motivated person to be able to drum up the intensity needed to get the results desired at home.  On the flip side and to prove a point, one of the reasons I receive for people wanting a membership is that they need the motivation of others doing the same things.  This is called the group effect.  People are motivated by other people doing the same things.  It’s a positive energy and we thrive on it.

Our health is important to us whether or not we admit it.  We know it’s important for us and for the people who love us.  Make you a priority.  Get moving, get away from the television.  Take inventory of what you spend your time on and make a change in your personal lifestyle to move more. Turn off the TV, and lose that extra 5 pounds by taking your dogs or kids for a walk.  Fitness is motion and motion is life.  Moving more is how we can improve our health.  Being unhealthy should not be an option.